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The BackedEnum interface

(PHP 8 >= 8.1.0)


The BackedEnum interface is automatically applied to backed enumerations by the engine. It may not be implemented by user-defined classes. Enumerations may not override its methods, as default implementations are provided by the engine. It is available only for type checks.

Interface synopsis

interface BackedEnum extends UnitEnum {
/* Methods */
public static from(int|string $value): static
public static tryFrom(int|string $value): ?static
/* Inherited methods */
public static UnitEnum::cases(): array

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2 years ago
As of PHP 8.1, while `UnitEnum` & `BackedEnum` cannot be implemented by user-defined classes, it seems they can be extended by user-defined interfaces and eventually be implemented by enums.


interface TestEnumInterface extends \BackedEnum
    public function
foo(): string;

enum TestEnum: string implements TestEnumInterface
CASE_1 = 'case 1';
CASE_2 = 'case 2';

    public function
foo(): string

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