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eugenekay at kashpureff dot org
13 years ago
Certain Linux distributions do not have this extension included in the minimum PHP package. It can usually be found in one of the "optional" php-* packages.

For CentOS, you will need to run "yum install php-xml", which provides this extension.
d at duane dot com
11 years ago
On Fedora 16, you can use
yum -y install php-xml
and then be sure to add
in the php.ini file for this to work.
Sergey A.
14 years ago
don't forget
in extensions.ini
on freebsd
z1mok at yahoo dot com
14 years ago
You need the DOM MODULE installed if you want to use Youtube Data Api with the Zend GData Library.

Otherwise you cannot obtain a valid Upload Form Token.
12 years ago
In Redhat 5.5 using php53 you need to not only install php53-xml but php53-devel as well to install DOMDocument
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