The "counter" Extension - A Continuing Example

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Throughout this Zend documentation, references are made to an example module in order to illustrate various concepts. The "counter" extension is this example, a fictional yet functional Zend module which strives to use as much of the Zend API as is reasonably possible. This short chapter describes the userland interface to the completed extension.

Note: "counter" serves no practical purpose whatsoever, as the functionality it provides is far more effectively implemented by appropriate userland code.

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ohcc at 163 dot com
2 years ago
After testing PHP versions from 4.4 to 7.2 on Windows, I found that the Counter extension is actually not supported by PHP.

1. The COUNTER_* constants and the counter_* functions are not defined.

2. The Counter class can not be found.

3. The Counter extension can not be found on the PECL site.
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